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Active learning August 20, 2016

Posted by mikeschaffer in dressage, online lessons, training.
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Active learning

Many, many years ago, an instructor I knew would often say, “This is dressage not massage — I cannot dressage you.” This sentiment, which is expressed in many different ways boils down to the idea that as students each of us has to be responsible for our own advancement. We each have to do the reading, the watching, the wondering, the critical thinking, and the asking.

As instructors it’s not our job or even within the realm of possibility to pull students up the mountain but only to offer our guidance and experience as each finds what is necessarily their own personal path. It is up to the student to spend enough time in review of what they think and what their horse is telling them to figure out what they’re confused about and present a cogent question to the instructor.

For my part I’ve written my books, put up my videos, have made this group available to anyone who would like to ask anything and am open to the occasional email question. I’m available for lessons literally throughout the world via skype which works, much to my happy surprise, really well and for many students is more effective than traditional lessons.

So if you’re going round and round not making the progress you would like, perhaps you should ask a question. The best time to do that would be right about now.

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